Disability Insurance

What is your most valuable asset? Your 401(k)? Your house? Maybe. But have you ever considered the value of all your future paychecks?

For most of us, the ability to get up and go to work may be our most valuable asset because our earnings buy everything else. Without the ability to earn, we couldn’t have a house, an investment portfolio, nice things, or even food for the family.

Even if you have a disability benefit through work you still need to explore it in detail. How much of your income would it provide? When do benefits start? How long do they last? Is the benefit taxable?

We have the knowledge and expertise to protect you. Together we can review any existing disability income protection in place, and if there are gaps in your coverage we can search the marketplace to find the best insurance policy to meet your needs. We know the tax rules and will make sure you understand them too. You need to know that your family’s financial security is well protected, no matter what happens to you.

We are one of the premier financial planning firms in Greater Des Moines. We want to make you comfortable with your own money. Let us help you.

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