Exit Planning

Business owners know risk. It is not uncommon for a business owner to give their all to their business; their time, their money, the very essence of themselves. The business ends up becoming extremely valuable both financially and emotionally.

At some point it has to end. Very few business owners ever stop to consider how they are going to exit the business. What will happen to the business? Who will take over? Are they financially capable of paying a fair price to own the business? What about your customers?

You also have to consider contingencies. What if there is a family emergency? A health condition? A sudden tragic death? Is your business (and your family) prepared? Is that a risk you willing to take?

At DV Financial we have specialized knowledge of the issues and proven solutions. Other business owners have struggled with these same issues. You do not need to reinvent the wheels. We can coordinate the team of financial, legal, and tax advisors to develop a business succession strategy so that when you need or want to exit, your business and customers will have a smooth and orderly transition.

We want to make you comfortable with your own money. Our goal is to make your experience as comfortable as possible by explaining your money and our recommendations in common terms while providing excellent customer service.

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