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We provide the highest level of care and accountability. Everything we do must be in your best interest.

Complete Transparency

No magic tricks or distractions. Everything we do is transparent. Log into our online system to see your accounts any time, from any device, no matter where you may be.


We have been serving client needs for over 30 years which means we probably have experience in situations like yours.

Local & Available

We are not a large institution. We are your neighbors who happen to offer financial expertise. When you call, we answer. When you need someone, we are here.

Different People. Unique Needs

Some people need help accumulating and growing wealth. Others need assistance with the responsibilities wealth creates. No matter your money issues, we will help you find the solutions which best fit

Retire Confident

Retirement is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but we have helped people retire comfortably and confidently for over 30 years. We can help you too.

Get Comfortable

We provide a safe and relaxed environment where you can be comfortable with your money.

Putting it all together

All the parts of your life are connected. Getting to know you goes beyond your finances. We want to know your values, hopes, and dreams so your success is not purely financial. A life measured only in dollars can never be rich. 

The media provides exposure, not advice

In this age of information overload, there are an over-whelming number of financial opinions. We help you focus on your specific financial goals by using our experience and knowledge as a filter to cut through the constant noise and chatter.

It is a journey,
not a destination

No matter what your stage of life and career, we can help you. As you change and grow, we adjust so your plan continues to fit your needs.

Investing, not trading

It is not flashy, but the long term outlook has stood the test of time. We seek to capitalize on this trend through patience and discipline rather than guessing when to zig and when to zag.

You are not your neighbor

There is no magic formula that works for everyone. We have the knowledge, experience and tools to help you plan and achieve your goals.

Independence brings freedom

Our “product” is our guidance and advice, not specific investments. We are neutral and transparent when selecting the solutions necessary to implement your plan.

Wealth is not determined by money

Wealth is determined by love, happiness, and relationships. The number of dollars in your account does not make you more or less than anyone else.

It takes two to tango

We provide the know-how; you provide direction and guidance. 


It is our job to explain your money in simple and straight-forward terms, not to impress you with jargon and investment “speak”. You can never ask too many questions. 

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Traditional or Roth IRA?

Retirement savings can be complicated, especially when it comes to understanding how they’re taxed. 

In traditional retirement accounts, you don’t have to pay taxes on your contributions. The money grows tax-free until you withdraw it in retirement and that’s when you’re taxed. 

With a Roth IRA, your contributions are taxed now, and your withdrawals later are tax-free. 

The whole idea of investing is to put in a little and take out a lot. The question is: where would you rather pay taxes? On the small amount you put in now, or the larger amount you take out later? I know which one I would pick.

It is never too early, or too late, to consider the benefits of different types of retirement accounts. I often see people make decisions based on the thinking that they just need to make it TO retirement. The reality is that you need a strategy to carry you through, long AFTER you retire. After all, that could be another 20 or 30 years! So you need a long-term perspective.

We can look at your unique situation and offer a game plan. For example, we could implement a Roth Conversion strategy*, transferring funds from a traditional to a Roth account, where you only paying taxes on the converted amount. The earlier you do a conversion, the more time it has to grow.

But even if you are in your 50s and 60s, Roth conversions can help reduce Required Minimum Distributions– or RMDs– in your 70s and beyond.

Financial strategies in general work best when adopted early on. Imagine setting money aside for retirement is like putting a ball in your pocket. Starting early is like putting a small marble in your pocket - hardly noticeable. But if you delay, it’s like putting a golf ball in your pocket. You will notice it at first, but you will soon get used to it. Wait too long, and now you are squeezing a baseball in that pocket. It can be done, but you will always notice it and your entire pocket will be full. 

Don’t put off these conversations until your retirement needs to grow into a beachball. Give us a call now so we can help you get comfortable with your money.

* Converting an employer plan account or Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA is a taxable event. Increased taxable income from the Roth IRA conversion may have several consequences including but not limited to, a need for additional tax withholding or estimated tax payments, the loss of certain tax deductions and credits, and higher taxes on Social Security benefits and higher Medicare premiums. Be sure to consult with a qualified tax advisor before making any decisions regarding your IRA.